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Inexhaustible patience, Immoderately Demanding

Have you heard the story before? As a young man going to a
dance, I would stand back and watch the girl’s dance and wish I
could join in but I did'nt’t know how. Then, from out of nowhere an
older girl asked me to dance. I turned red, pulled away and
wiggled, started to sweat and had all the excuses not to get on the
dance floor, but she was patient with me, I reluctantly went! Now on
the dance floor, in her arms, I all but landed us both on the floor. I
stepped on her toes, knocked her knees with mine and even head
butted her almost knocking us both out! But she was patient! She
pushed and pulled, pushes and pulled. She tapped this foot and
that foot, that foot and this. Soon I was getting it and I started to
move with her. From that day on I became a pretty good dancer. I
kept practicing and practicing until I was good enough to compete
in dance compositions and won!
The moral of this story is: If we could only have this kind of
patience, (love) with the colts, (person) we would be able to help
each other to be all that we can be

My goals in life are to help people better understand that to every
action, there is a reaction when it comes to horses or people "I
want what I want and I want it now" has its history written in long
term relationships with horses and people alike. We can build our
relationships on good foundations to with stand any pressures life
puts on us in the show ring.

I have traveled all over the country several times in search of the
secrets to life, come to find out the horses them selves had the
secrets and keys to what I was searching for. 4000 horses I have
ridden, 2000 I have ridden twice, 1000 excepted me as one of their
own and 1 helped me: "To understand horses, is to understand
mankind" So, if you want to ride with this cowboy, better have a
fast horse or jump on with me for the ride of your life Cowboy  
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Classys Charm 2 day before giving
birth to her first foal.