Robert Elliott
I was born in New England and raised on a farm. Working with horses was an everyday routine, logging,
horse pulls and fun hayrides was my life. As I went on I found that I could communicated well with
animals. I put my energies into horses and became a Trainer, Breeder and Farrier.

I have gone onto train and or ride with Buster Brown, Ann Guptill, Mr. and Mrs. Denny Emerson, Monty
Bruce and “Teddy A”.
Now my goal is to help others help themselves too help horses. Through good communication skills and
good understanding of the horse, and rider.
Karen Demchak
I was raised in Branford, Connecticut for my Childhood. I started taken
horseback riding lessons as a young girl at the age of ten. At that time
was learn English riding and how to jump fences. I always rode the
horse that knew their job as a lesson horse. That was a great start but
I never learnt any horsemanship skills or ground work. That was a
problem when I bought my first horse! As young adults we think that all
horses are as great as the one we rode as a kids. Not true with my first
horse. She was cheap to buy and I wanted to get a horse as soon
possible.  She was a nightmare because I did not understand what she
wanted. So then I got some help from a friend that had horses. It only
helps for a short time. I did not know were to go, so I gave her away.
The next horse I got was a lease for six months. He was not so difficult
but still had some many problems I could not figure him out on own.

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I still bought Twist after six month because was teaching me things about him and other horses too. I was a green rider and willing to try
for him. So I took some clinics with him on ground work and found a trainer named Dee Janelle that taut about horse Communication,
and things you didn’t learn as a kid in the show ring.  I went a long way with him, but he was not the horse for me. I ended up giving him
away also. Then I went to a barn and took some riding lessons. The teacher Chris Paradise who also trainers helped me fined a horse
that would suit me. She did a great job helping me find a horse named Maple. The reason why she a wonderful horse? She trained
maple from a yearling. The horse was not completely finished, but easy for me to ride and learn on. As a student I am always willing to
learn from many different trainers. In my horsesmanhip education I believe that every trainer has something different to teach. So always
looking for new education I found Robert Elliott. He has brought me too a whole different level of training, breeding, and horsemanship.
He has also become my partner too in the horse whole. We have started a lesson program, boarding barn, farrier service and breeding
program with Quarter horses.